About Us

I don’t have an exciting or thrilling story to tell. I’m just another girl who always loved to make custom gifts for friends and family. I took the love I have for being “crafty” and the encouragement from friends and family and turned it into what is now MSA Custom Creations.

I have two online stores and am very proud of how far they have come since I started my journey in 2019. Etsy was my first online store, where I think most people start off and MSA Custom Creations online store was born in 2021. 

Our products are made to order and every piece created is just as important as the last, no mass production here! We proudly serve our our top priority is custom service. If you have an issue or a question we can always be reached via email and phone, see our "Contact Us" page for more details. 

Thank you for visiting our shop and considering us for your custom items. If you are in need of a custom item you don’t see listed we would be more than happy to assist you, just send us a message!

M.S.A. Custom Creations